The Amazing Shortcut Keypad

Automate anything at the press of a button!

With just one button press, you can:

  • Paste repetitive text

  • Enter multiple keyboard shortcuts

  • Open files and folders

  • Move and click the mouse

  • Run programs

Designed to Save you Time and Effort

Drag and Drop Editor

Automation is created in seconds using the drag and drop editor.

  • Simply drag and drop commands in any combination you like
  • It's designed to be quick to learn and intuitive to use

When you press a button on your keypad, the automation will be triggered. This could be just a single keyboard shortcut, or a longer combination of text typing, keyboard shortcuts, opening files and moving the mouse - it's entirely up to you.

It takes less than a minute to create most automation and you can change what the buttons do as often as you like.

It's Demo Time!

Hi, Robin here...

Three years ago, I was studying engineering and finding it very annoying to constantly type the same commands into my drawing software. (AutoCAD, I'm looking at you...).

So, with only a basic understanding of programming and a downloaded 3D print design, I hacked together a simple keypad which would automatically type the drawing commands for me.

To my delight, I found it saved me both time and effort, and I started finding wider uses for it whilst writing reports and learning to code.

This prompted me on a journey to turn the hacky prototype into a professional, easy to use product which could help other people in their jobs, hobbies and interests.

Three years and lots of prototypes later, I am very proud to offer you The Amazing Shortcut Keypad. I hope it saves you time and effort like it has for me, and makes using your computer more productive and enjoyable.

You are always welcome to get in touch with questions, suggestions or opportunities - just drop me an email at: ... I look forward to hearing from you!

"My keypad got some serious love in the office today, people really like it once they know what it is and what it can do"

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