Powerful computer automation at the press of a button

Say hello to The Amazing Shortcut Keypad

Infinite Automation Possibilities

Automate anything you can do with your keyboard at the press of a button.

Combine typing text, keyboard shortcuts, media commands, repeats and delays in any combination!

Drag and Drop Editor

Automation is created using a drag and drop editor. It's designed to be intuitive and speedy so you can automate in a matter of seconds.

Watch the demo video below to see the automation editor in action.

Sharable Automation 'Recipes'

You can access automation 'recipes' which have been created and shared by other people. Simply find the automation you like online and then load it onto your keypad - easy!

It's Demo Time!

Watch the keypad automate graphic design, music production, text formatting, coding and gaming in the demo video. You'll also see the drag and drop editor in action - what's not to like!

Watch the Demo Video

By automating repetitive tasks, The Amazing Shortcut Keypad will save you time and energy - you'll get things done faster with less effort.