Keypad Pictures

Here are some pictures of The Amazing Shortcut Keypad with the keycaps available at the checkout.

3D printed casing

3D printing is amazing! It allows quick and cheap prototyping of completely custom designs, like this casing. However, 3D printing isn't perfect - you can see layer lines if you look closely and there are occasional surface marks/imperfections, just so you know!


Here are some pictures of the keycaps you can purchase with The Amazing Shortcut Keypad. They're DSA profile and provided by the wonderful site

Other Keycap Options

The keycaps pictured below aren't available to buy with The Amazing Shortcut Keypad, but you can buy a keypad without keycaps and then provide your own. See the FAQ for more details on which colours and where to get them from.


Pictures of the components which make up The Amazing Shortcut Keypad

Early Prototypes

It has taken over 2000 hours of software and hardware development to create The Amazing Shortcut Keypad. Here are some of the early prototypes.