Step 1) Download the drag and drop automation editor

Click the button below and download the .zip file

You may have to give permission to your antivirus to download and run this software because it is new and therefore unrecognised.


Step 2) Place the editor icon on your desktop

Extract the .zip file and inside you'll find a .exe file (for Windows) or a .jar file (for Mac and Linux). Place this file on your desktop.

Linux users will have to right click the .jar file, go to properties > permissions and tick 'Allow executing file as program'. You'll also need to give it read and write access.

Step 3) Plug in your keypad and double click!

Plug in your keypad and double click the .exe file (for Windows) or .jar file (for Mac and Linux). If it opens a loading screen like the one below - great, skip to Step 5.

If nothing happens when you double click, don't worry - you just need to update or install Java, as detailed in Step 4.

Step 5) Connect to your keypad

Now the loading screen has opened up, you should see one option under USB devices called "Arduino Leonardo", "COM3", "COM9" or something like that. Select this and click "Connect". If all goes well, installation is now finished and you're now ready to start automating! Visit the Getting Started tutorial here.

If there are no USB options available, make sure your keypad is plugged in and press "Refresh".

If there is still no USB option, don't worry - you need to install an additional USB driver - it's really easy, go to Step 6.

Step 6) Install USB driver (if necessary)

Click the button for your operating system and download the driver installer. It'll be inside a zip file - open this zip file and double click it. Follow the instructions which come up (if any).

After the driver has installed, return to Step 5 - you should be ready to connect to your keypad now.

Linux users shouldn't need to install drivers, but you may need to give access to your serial ports, as described in step 2 here.

If you're still struggling, see a full tutorial on installing USB drivers here or go here and download the correct FTDI VCP driver for your operating system.

Windows Mac (OSX 10.9 and above) Mac (OSX 10.8 and below)