Step 1) Install Java (the Linux way!)

You will need to install java if you don't have it already. This can be done simply using the terminal.

Important: the default jre package will NOT work (sudo apt-get install default-jre). It specifically has to be the Oracle jre as this includes Java FX.

To install the Oracle jre, follow the easy instructions here. Ignore the paragraphs at the beginning of this link and just scroll down to where it tells you the terminal commands, that's all you'll need.

Step 2) Give access to your serial ports

You will most probably have to give permission to access the serial ports if you have never done this before. Simply, this can be achieved with the terminal command:

sudo usermod -a -G dialout username

Replace "username" with your username.

You will have to restart your computer for this to take effect.

For more detailed guidance through this process, scroll down to where it says "Note for Linux users" here.