Recipes and Layouts

How To Use This Page

1) Click the Copy to Clipboard button next to the Recipe or Layout you're interested in.

2) Go into the keypad software and click the "Load from Clipboard" button on the left side.

3) Your desired recipe will appear (like magic) and you can modify it or upload it right away!

Contribute Your Own

Send me your own Recipes and Layouts so I can put them on this page

If you have created some helpful Recipes, please send them to me by clicking 'Copy Recipe to Clipboard' in the keypad software and then pasting the recipe into an email which you send to me (it's really quick and easy).

On my own, I only have limited expertise, but together, this page can be an awesome resource of task-busting power! I am particularly keen to gather recipes for things such as:

  • Photoshop and similar photo editing software
  • Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Adobe Premier and similar video editors
  • Ableton Live, cubase and other music recording software
  • Mac and Linux shortcuts - I'm a Windows user, help me out!

The Dream: someone new to a piece of software (like photoshop) can come to this page and access Recipes and Layouts created by people who have been using it for years. Straight away, the new software user will have access to proffessional-level automation through the Recipes and Layouts which have been shared here.

They can be working at maximum efficiency, using all the inside tips and tricks right from the very beginning. Now that would be amazing!

Basic Examples

Name Description Type Copy to Clipboard
Hello World Types the text "Hello World" Recipe
Paste Pastes whatever is on the clipboard Recipe
Copy Copies whatever is currently selected Recipe

Recipes for Windows

Name Description Type Copy to Clipboard
Open Notepad Opens the application Notepad Recipe
Open a Website Opens a website of your choice Recipe
Ctrl + Alt + Delete You already know what this does! Recipe


Read more about automating AutoCAD with The Amazing Shortcut Keypad here.

Name Description Type Copy to Clipboard
2D Drawing Layout A basic layout for 2D drawing Layout Win Mac
Move to current layer Moves selected items to the current layer Recipe
Fillet, Radius 20 Creates a fillet with a specified radius, e.g. 20 Recipe
Toggle OSnap Toggles Object Snap (OSnap) on and off Recipe
Set Snap to 5 Set the snap spacing to a specific value, e.g. 5 Recipe
Line Draws a line Recipe