What To Expect

Made by Hand in the UK

I make the keypads to order in small batches - each keypad is soldered and assembled by hand before being shipped to you.

I take a lot of pride in designing and building The Amazing Shortcut Keypad and so I want to make sure that you are totally satisfied with what you get. Therefore, I made this page to let you know exactly what to expect.

If you have any questions, requests or concerns then please get in touch.

What To Expect: Hardware

3D Printed Case

The casing is 3D printed in black PLA. It is lightweight and sturdy but it won't be perfectly smooth - you can see the 3D printed layers if you look closely and there may be some surface imperfections.

For detailed pictures, look here

Gateron Switches

You can choose between two types of key switch: brown and blue. The blue ones have a delightful 'clicky' feel and sound (like a typewriter), whilst the browns are quieter with a much gentler feel.

I would recommend brown switches for use in the office and blue switches for a bit of fun at home.


The keycaps are DSA profile and the set I am offering is themed on the sky: orange for the sun, blue for the sky itself and white for the clouds.

For pictures, look here

What To Expect: Software


The Amazing Shortcut Keypad was developed on a Windows computer but I have done everything I can to make it fully compatible with OSX and Linux.

Be warned that the mouse control can be a little unreliable on all operating systems - if this is a deal breaker, get in touch.


The drag and drop software is programmed in Java. Therefore, you may have to update to the latest version of Java (although this is very easy!)

Java is also a bit slow to load initially (about 10 seconds) but is perfectly quick once it's loaded.

USB Driver

You will most likely have all the necessary drivers already on your computer, but if not, you will need to install an additional USB driver.

Don't worry though, you are guided through this on the Install page